Terms and Conditions

In these Terms, we outline the supply of a service for COVID-19 Testing. These Terms explain the Test provision and other important order information. Please read these Terms carefully before you submit your order.

PCR-UA.com provides at home COVID-19 testing nationally. All fees for our services are located on our website. PCR-UA.com reserves the right to change the fees for services as deemed necessary and will ensure that the fees section of the website is updated regularly to reflect the most up to date prices.

The PCR Test admitted to the client implies extraction of coronavirus RNA and real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis of the RNA to detect active infection of COVID-19 and next generation sequencing to identify the SARS-CoV-2 variant. The result produced by the Test will be either positive, negative, or inconclusive.

Upon paying for the Test the client confirms that they are ordering the Test for themselves and that they consent to the collection of their nasopharyngeal swab and confirm that they are willing for this action to be performed by a nurse. The Test is to be used for screening purposes only as a convenient and confidential way of getting tested quickly for COVID-19 infection and detection and identification of the SARS-CoV-2 variant. The Test Results are not intended to replace medical advice, nor should they be used as a full diagnosis, or to prescribe medication without consulting an appropriate medical professional.

The client fully consents that their personal details, which may include their name, date of birth, gender, home address, telephone number, ethnicity etc. will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy in order to schedule and execute the testing.

If you wish to order more than one Test for different people, then you must ensure that each person agrees to these Terms of Sale and Consent.

PCR-UA.com shall use reasonable endeavors to carry out the Test and report the Test Results to the client.

PCR-UA.com will not refund all or part of the Fee if a Sample was not received by us or has not been taken in accordance with the guidance or done improperly because of the client's own act or omission.

All nurses are responsible for their own practice and for any advice, investigations or any treatments that they provide during the sample collection.

PCR-UA.com will only provide testing to the patient themselves. We cannot provide testing to a relative or friend without prior written permission or website order. For children under 16 years, testing needs to take place with the parent or legal guardian.

Enquiries answered by administrative team via email is for guidance purposes only PCR-UA.com will not be held responsible for the accuracy of such information given outside of the formal consultation with the nurse.

PCR-UA.com does not provide an out of hours’ service.

We cannot accept responsibility for non-receipt of emails or unobtainable telephone numbers.

Our staff have the right to work in an environment free from violent, threatening or abusive behavior and everything will be done to protect that right. At no time will any violent, threatening or abusive behavior be tolerated.

PCR-UA.com may amend these Terms at any time to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant regulations and to ensure that we are constantly improving our services. By continuing to order a Test after any changes are made, you accept those changes and will be bound by them.
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